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Despite the fact these sports are newcomers to Peru, open air sports like windsurfing and sandboarding have been gaining increasing numbers of followers in recent years.

Sandboarding has become popular on the sand dunes near Ocucaje, Villacuri and Ica, an ideal area to take to the steep sandy slopes of the desert.

Almost surreal, the desert oasis of Huacachina is surrounded by what looks like a towering tidal wave of sand, frozen in motion and about to crush the modest collection of homes, hotels and restaurants that line the calm central pool. According to Peruvian poet Jose Santos Chocano, the oasis is "the broken mirror of an enamored princess." To add to the mystique, the waters are rumored to possess curative powers.

Huacachina is easy to get to, it is located a little less than 4 hours from Lima and very close to the city of Ica, five kilometers away and reachable by a public bus or a taxi ride that costs less than $1.50.

Ica has the added attraction of being the nation's wine capital and foremost producer of pisco, the national liquor. Additionally, it is a good home base for a day trip to the Nazca Lines.

It is best to go sandboarding in the morning, when there are fewer people and the sun isn't blazing high in the sky. Sunscreen is an absolute necessity, and water should be a serious concern. The heat is that dry variety that everyone tells you isn't as bad. Whatever. It's an inferno. Drink plenty. Vendors sell refreshments at slightly inflated prices and there are some cheap places to eat at the base of the dunes.

Be sure to examine your board. Some of them are cracked or have damaged bindings.

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