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: Typical desert climate, where temperatures can top 30°C. Days are sunny during summer (December to March) and part of winter, when temperatures can dip at night to 10°C. In the afternoon, the area is often swept by gusting winds -known locally as paracas.

Access: From Pisco (240 km from Lima) visitors need to take the paved road that leads to the reserve, which is connected to a network of branch roads that lead down to the beaches and main attractions.

Visitors are advised to spend two to three days at the Paracas National Reserve and camp on the beach for true contact with nature.

The Paracas National Reserve was created on September 25, 1975 through Law (D.S.) N 1281-75-AG. This is the only protected natural area in Peru with different ecosystems. In 1991 it was declared Regional Reserve for migratories birds and in April 1992 it was incorporated to the RAMSAR convention. Paracas National Reserve is located in the department of Ica, province of Pisco, district of Paracas and has a surface of 335,000 hectares, but 217,594 belong to the sea.

This reserve crounts on a very rich diversity of birds which are residents, migratories and endemics. Birds diversity includes: the playero blanco (Calidris mauri), the playero semipalmado (Calidris pusilla), the charlo (Charadius semipalmatus), the flamingo (Phoenicopterus chilensis), among others. We can also find sea birds such as the peruvian piquero (Sula vanegata) the guanay (Phala crocorax bougainvillii), the pelican (Pelecanus thagus), and the the peruvian seagull (Sterna lorata).

The San Gallan and La Vieja Islands are the only places for the potoyunco (Pelecanoides garnottii) to reproduce in Peru. The popular penguin of Humboldt (Spheniscus Humboldt) and the potoyunco are in danger of extinction. We con also observe the condor (Voltur gryphus).

Among the most impressive mammals living in the Paracas National Reserve it is necessary to mention the several species of seals, for example the mongler seal (Otarya bironia) and the fine seal (Arctoc phalus australis) as well as the sea cat or chigungo (Lutra felino) which is in danger of extinction.

We con also observe the coastal wolf (Pseudalopex sechurae), that sometimes you can see it walking through the desert next to the beach, bats are found in the coast too. With regard to reptiles we find lizards (Microlophus peruvianus). Some sea turtles live in the waters of the area basically during El Niño, among the turtles living there are the green turtle (Chelonia agassizzii) and the small sea turtle (Lepidochelys Olivacea). Likewise the are general ecosystems like in Cerro Lechuza, Morro Quemado and San Gallán, in the sea there are seaweeds like viva fasciata and viva papenfusii.

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