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Huaca del Sol y La Luna
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Probably the next are the most important huacas located in the department of La Libertad:

Archeological complex El Brujo
Located 60 Km from the city of Trujillo in the Chicama valley. Investigators have discovered indications of occupation from the pre-ceramic period (500 years old).
Prominent is a great adobe pyramid, 30 m high in the walls of which the Mochicas shaped a rich iconography, the most well known of which is the "Beheader", one of the most important polychromatic friezes.
The figure of the executioner is repeated in ritual scenes in the ceramics.

Huaca de La Luna
The Huaca de la Luna is a monumental grouping found on the lower part of the west slope of Cerro Blanco, 3 miles from the town of Trujillo. lt extends for approximately 315 yards north-south by 210 yards east-west.
Its three imposing platforms of adobe and brick, situated in front of the Huaca del Sol, are joined by four squares placed at different levels. One of them includes an outcropping of rock which doubtless had some ceremonial significance.
Both the platforms and the squares are bounded by very thick, tall adobe walls. Of these, the surrounding wall that closes the south side of the grouping is outstanding and makes a great corridor 20 yards wide, which stretches east until meeting the base of Cerro Blanco, making a total length of 200 yards.

Huaca del Sol
This monumental structure is composed of several terraces built on the slightly inclined plain along the fringes of Moche valley farmland. The Huaca is vera eroded, thanks in part to sporadic yet intense rains. Looking also took its toll in Colonial times, when treasure hunters diverted the Moche river and washed away two-thirds of the Huaca.
Today only the southern and eastern sides of the Huaca stand, but the evidence suggests that it had a somewhat cross-shaped plan and that it was aligned northeast-southwest, with short, central wings.
The central platform is composed of two levels: the southern one, which includes the wings, appears higher than the northern one. The southern side features a truncated and terraced mound with a square plan, while there is evidence on the wings for a small, elongated platform aligned east-west.
Based on these observations, archaeologists estimate that only one-third of the original Huaca remains and that it once measured 345 by 160 meters and towered 30 meters above the valley floor. The entire Huaca was built of an estimated 140 million mold-made adobe bricks, many arranged in column like segments. It was the largest adobe structure in the Americas.

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