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Amazonas - Rodriguez de Mendoza,Utcubamba.
Amazonas Peru

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Pictures of Amazonas

Rodríguez de Mendoza is a province of the Amazonas Region. It is located in the southeast part of the department of Amazonas. It borders on the west with the province of Chachapoyas and on the north, east and south with the department of San Martin. It was created by law 7626 on October 31, 1932 and its capital is Mendoza.

Longar Square Rodriguez de Mendoza Square
Rodriguez de Mendoza City Huamampata Lagoon

Rock Cock

Thermal Spring, Hot Baths
Huamampata Lagoon Leyva Cave
Glass Bear
Mendoza Airport
Milpuc-Tragadero Tragadero Milpuc
Square San Antonio River

The province has an enormous importance because of the fertility of its soils, its benign climate and the big rivers that pass through its territory. Between these rivers we have San Antonio, Aiña, Pachca, Omia and Shocol or Milpuc. In its extensive tropical forests, there are spectacled bears and one variety of hummingbird (Loddigesia mirabilis).

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Utcubamba is one of seven provinces of the Amazonas Region, Peru. It was created by law 23843 on May 30, 1984. Its capital is Bagua Grande and its principal attraction is the Touristic Corridor of Utcubamba where the valley becomes notably closer forming "the canyon of Utcubamba". These conditions modify the climate in a substantial way and an ecological radical change happens. The place makes itself more fresh, the vegetation most lustful with some remains of the original vegetation of the area and beautiful orchids. Some of these orchids are unique in the world. Notably picturesque cascades are observed in the rocky vertical walls that the river has worked. There are some hot springs a few meters from El Ingenio bridge.

Bagua Grande Main Square
Utucubamba Canyon Bagua Grande City
Green slopes and forested Valleys Utcubamba
Utucubamba Valley
Utucubamba Valley

The election of this corridor lies in the beauty of the scenery and in the tourist activities that can be generated in it, like canoeing, minor watercraft navigation, fishing and recreation sports.
In the Mesozoica Age the Utcubamba's territory were the place of The Saurópodus Titanosaurius and The fearsome terópodus Carnoturus Sastrey. The fossil skeletons were collected as Rentema's pongo(Bagua) like as Quebrada Seca (Utcubamba); nowadays these fossils and models on a large scale are in the Museum Javier Prado Natural History In Lima.
The megafauna is represented by The Baguatherium that lived 31 millions years under Utcubamba (Huarangopampa village, El Milagro district). It body had the shape of the a híbrid mixing a Rhinoceros and a Tapir; it measures out almost three meters of length and it weight was about 2,5 t. Studies show this mammal probably ate plants in the seaside millions years ago in the same place where actually is the Amazon. The Scientist got these conclusions after analizing part of its body like jawbone, teeths and a fémur of this animal found in the zone.

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