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Peru celebrates some 3,000 festivals a year. Most of them are held in homage to a patron saint and are part of the Christian calendar adopted in colonial times, although they have blended with the magical beliefs of ancient forms of worship.

These religious festivals occur alongside pagan celebrations dating back to ancestral myths in native communities in the jungle, as well as dozens of festivals created over the following centuries.

Peru's festivals form a radiant rainbow, whose colors blend with sounds, textures and a vigorous theatrical concept aimed at reinventing history and producing a celebratory synthesis of Man and the Earth goddess, the Pachamama.

The following are the most important and representatives festivities in Peru:

01 Entrega de Varas , Cusco
01-06 Negritos de Vicco Tourist Festival, Pasco
01-12 Negritos Dance, Ica
02-27 Huaylijia´s Festival, Junin
06 Beatita Melchorita Birth Feast, Ica
16 Worship and Offerings to Earth Goddess, Puno
18-02/02 Marinera´s National Competition, La Libertad
19-20 San Sebastian Festivity, Cusco
19-26 Tunantada Festivity, Junin
20 Chiaraje, Canas in Cusco
20 Marinera Dance Festival, La Libertad
20-24 San Sebastian of Yapatera, Piura
23-02/02 La Esperanza District Anniversary, La Libertad
25-27 Divine Child of Miracle and Maria Magdalena Day, Lambayeque
27-28 Pachangara District Anniversary, Lima
01-28 Carnivals in Tingo Maria
01-07 Santisima Cruz de Motupe Fair, Lambayeque
01-15 Señor de la Buena Muerte de Chocan, Querecotillo in Piura
01-16 Virgen de la Candelaria Festivity, Puno
01-25 Carnivals in Ayacucho
01-29 Carnivals in Loreto
01-29 Summer Festival, Punta Sal in Tumbes
05-22 Santisima Virgen de la Purisima Concepcion, Lambayeque
15-28 Cortamonte Traditional Festivity, Jauja in Junin
18-25 Carnivals in Cajamarca
20-29 Black Summer Festival, Chincha in Ica
20-21 Orange Tourist Festival, Ayacucho
21-22 Carnivals in Pasco
21-24 Charicamay Tourist Festival, Chacavan in Pasco
21-26 Pukllay Tourist Week, Lucanas in Ayacucho
25-29 Carnivals in Tarma, Junin
25-28 Tinca de Vacas, Cusco
24-03/02 Lunahuana Adventure Sports Festival, Lima
01-03 Carnivals in Ucayali
01-05 Carnivals in Obrajillo, Lima
01-14 Carnivals in Abancay, Apurimac
03-21 Señor Jesus Nazareno Cautivo de Monsefu, Lambayeque
04-07 La Vendimia Wine Festival, Huancho and Huara in LIma
04-15 La Vendimia International Wine Festival, Ica
05-07 Grape, Wine and Rafitng Festival, Lunahuana in Lima
16-31 Anniversay of Paita, Piura
20-28 Tourist Week of Marcavelica, Sullana in Piura
20-21 San Jose Arts and Crafts Fair, Tambopata in Madre de Dios
2nd Wk Wine Festival, Ica
25-30 Las Cabezadas Rodeo Fair, Lucanas in Ayacucho
26-28 Wine Festival, Huaral in Lima
15-03/07 Cruces de Porcon Festivity, Cajamarca
27-28 La Vendimia Festival, Cañete in Lima
15-03/07 Lord of the Earthquakes, Cusco
29-30 Sara Raymi Festival, Huaro and Quispicanchis in Cusco
01-11 Easter Week in Tarma, Junin
01-09 Señor de la Agonia Festivity, La Quebrada in Lima
02-11 Easter Week in Ayacucho
04-10 Easter Week in Tarapoto
05-11 Easter Week in Huaraz
05 Señor Cridto de la Caridad, Arequipa
06-11 Via Crucis - Cerro de Chepen, Chepen in La Libertad
07-10 Easter Week in Huancayo, Junin
08-11 Easter Wek in Oxapampa, Pasco
09 Amantani Anniversary, Puno
10-11 Avocado Tourist Festival, Santa Eulalia in Lima
15-18 Plum Fair, Viru in La Libertad
19-25 Week of Huamanga, Ayacucho
24-30 Tourist Week of Nauta, Loreto
01 Virgen de Chapi, Arequipa
01-04 Festival of the Crosses, Ayacucho
01-05 Tourist Week of La Union, Arequipa
01-08 Chunguinada Cerreña Festival, Pasco
01-25 La Cruz de San Jose Festival, Chosica in Lima
03 Señor de Muruhuay, Junin
03 Festival of the Crosses, Lima, Ica, Apurimac, Junin, Cusco
04-11 Anniversary of Huaral, Lima
07-16 Tourist Week of Nazca, Ica
20-29 Tourist Week of Ilo, Moquegua
23-25 Santisima Cruz de Mayo de Pampa Grande, Lambayeque
28-31 Colcabamba District Festival, Huancavelica
05-27 Ecotourist Festival in La Villa del Sol, Chosica in Lima
05-30 Month of Cusco
12-18 Qoyllur R'iti, Cusco
18-22 Machaq Mara Celebration, Juli in Puno
18-24 San Juan de Ucayali Festival, Pucallpa in Ucayali
18-25 San Juan Festival, Iquitos in Loreto
19 Corpus Christi, Cusco
19-30 San Pedrito Festivity, Chimbote in Ancash
20-27 Ecologic and Tourist Week, Piura
20-27 San Juan Bautista de Vegueta, Lima
23-24 San Juan Night, Valle Viejo in Tacna
23-30 Central Jungle Tourist Week, Pasco
23-30 Moyobamba Tourist Week
24 San Juan Day, Cusco, Loreto, San Martin, Ucayali
24 Inti Raymi, Cusco
26-29 Fishermen Day, Lambayeque
26-30 Saint Peter and Saint Paul, Ancash
29 Saint Peter and Saint Paul, Lima, Lambayeque
01-10 Santa Isabel Festivity, Ancash
01-17 Virgen Maria de Mochumi Fair, Lambayeque
04-30 Monsefu Fair, Lambayeque
09-11 Anniversary of Puerto Maldonado, Madre de Dios
15-16 Virgen del Carmen, Cusco
26-30 Yawar Fiesta, Cotabambas in Apurimac
20-30 Anniversary of Huaraz, Ancash
22-31 Santa Maria Magdalena Festivity, Cajatambo ni Lima
24-30 Tahuarmayo Tourist Festival, Pasco
24-23 Huari Tourist Week, Ancash
24-31 Fiesta del Sol, Dos de Mayo en Huanuco
24-25 Santisima Virgen del Carmen Festivity, Lima
25-31 Ica Regional Fair
25-31 Paramonga Tourist Week, Lima
26-31 Fongal, Cajamarca
26-28 Vilca Raymi, Vilcashuaman in Ayacucho
27-31 Coffee Festival, Oxapampa in Pasco
28-29 Independence Day, All over Peru
02-08 Virgen de las Nieves, Parinacochas in Ayacucho
06-16 Anniversary of Region Huanuco
07-10 Señor de la Caña Festivity, Huancayo in Junin
13-15 Anniversary of the Spanish Foundation of Arequipa
14-19 Mamacha Asunta Festivity, Cusco
14-18 Virgen Maria de la Asuncion, Huarochiri in Lima
21-26 Yacu Raymi Festivity, Andamarca in Ayacucho
21-22 Ayanda Wamimi Festivity, Tambopata in Madre de Dios
23-31 Oxapampa Tourist Week, Pasco
28 Reincorporation of Tacna to Peru
30 Foundation of Cañete, Lima
30 Saint Rose of Lima (Santa Rosa de Lima), Lima, Junin, Arequipa
01-18 Señor de las Animas Festivity, Pallasca in Ancash
01-16 Virgen de los Remedios Festivity, Socabaya in Arequipa
04-05 Ruraltur Huayllay Festival, Pasco
05-12 Talara Tourist Week, Piura
07-13 San Cristobal and Virgen de la Natividad, Huancavelica
07-14 Virgen de Cocharcas, Apurimac
08-18 Puerto Maldonado Tourist Festival, Madre de Dios
12-16 Señor de la Exaltacion de Moho, Puno
14 Señor de Huanca, Calca in Cusco
14-19 Señor de Pacaypampa, Sandia in Puno
19 Wanakauri Raymi, San Jeronimo in Cusco
19-30 Virgen de las Mercedes Tourist Week, Carhuaz in Ancash
20-26 Iquitos Tourist Week, Loreto
22-27 Ucayali Tourist Week
23-30 International Spring Festival, Trujillo in La Libertad
23-26 Puerto Pizarro Mangroves Festival, Tumbes
24-26 Santiago de Surco Tourist Festival, Lima
01-10 La Convencion Tourist Week, Cusco
01-20 Cusco Tourist Month
01-31 Señor Cautivo de Ayabaca Festivities, Piura
01-31 Anniversary of Chosica Foundation, Lima
02-07 Virgen del Rosario, Junin
03-06 San Francisco de Asis Festivity, Puno
04 Virgen del Rosario, Lima, Ancash, Apurimac, Cusco
05 Anniversary of Ucayali
2nd Wk Señor Cautivo de Ayabaca, Piura
15-20 International Maca Festival, Yanacocha in Pasco
22-31 Mollendo Tourist Week, Arequipa
24-31 Anniversary of Huaral, Lima
18-28 Señor de los Milagros (Lord of the Miracles), Lima
24-31 Anniversary of Cabana, Ancash
25-29 Anniversary of Yungay, Ancash
3rd Wk Señor de Luren, Ica
01 All Saints Day and Day of the Day, All over Peru
04 Anniversary of Puno Foundation
09 Discovery of the City of Caral, Barranca in Lima
23-30 Pasco Tourist Week
24 Santuranticuy Holiday, Cusco
24-25 Andean Christmas, All over Peru
27 Virgen del Carmen de Chincha, Ica


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